Architectural Perforated Metal Screen
Perforated metals make another trend of architectural decoration in a variety of opening shapes and materials. Suitable for many architectural and display uses. Compared with woven wire decorative fabrics...
Perforated Metal Mesh for Outdoor Decoration
Materials: hot-rolled and cold-rolled carbon steel sheets, galvanized sheets, stainless steel sheets, aluminum, aluminum-plastic, copper, nickel, titanium, PVC and other materials.
Perforated Metal Mesh for Indoor Decoration
Indoor architectural mesh is perforated metal mesh with patterns of various shapes, with good permeability and decorative effects. It is mainly used for decoration of doors and windows, partition, elevation, stands and shelf and can be used for the making and decoration of the ceiling, wall and sound-absorbing materials, stairs, balconies and flooring.
Facade Decorative Mesh
Decorative wire meshes for facade decoration are popularly used in decorations of exhibition halls, hotels and luxurious room decorations as screens, also inside and outside decorations in superior office buildings...
Crimped Wire Mesh for Decoration
Crimped wire mesh is weaved with high quality stainless steel wire, aluminum alloy wire, brass wire, cooper wire or other alloy materials.
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