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Stainless steel ball chain curtain,kingdelong,China

Stainless steel ball chain, string curtain, metal ball chain curtain, metal bead curtain, Their applications For:
Window Treatments: Diffuse Light - Retain Views

In this application, metal bead curtain works just like other, ball chain products using standard drapery hardware and fullness, recommendations.

Dividers: Separate Space - Maintain Flexibility

As a space divider, bead curtain allows movement of air, light, and sound while providing a distinct sense of space separation. The ability to move the fabric on the track provides complete flexibility Wall & Ceiling Treatments Reflect Light Use metal fabric on walls and ceilings to create a unique texture and accentuate lighting effects.

Visual Merchandising: Separate Space metal bead curtain is a highly flexible product that works well as a backdrop for a store display or space division without compromising sightlines.
Exterior Cladding: Get Creative - Reflect Light
Light reflection for partial shading, outdoor sculptures, decorative metal cladding, or whatever the outdoor application, Sorter's ball chain can be woven in metals suited for exposure to the environment.

1. A good droping
2. Degrees of transparency and flexibility and suitable for both interior and exterior applications.
3. We used the material is stainless steel, magnesium alloy; Their identity is solid, durability strong. The quality is good.

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